Expat Driving

Driving in Belgium

The driving behaviour of the average Belgian is described as "special" by the average foreigner. A lack of uniformity with regard to the infrastructure within our national borders is not helpful for road users. Not least because of the shredded powers over the Regions of Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia, Belgium is sometimes called the kingdom of Surrealism.

So let Advervo be your guide with tailored guidance. We have experience with participants from all continents. An asset are the practice sessions on public roads, especially for drivers who have to drive "on the wrong side of the road" for the first time.

Your profile

Expat private – Expat employee – Expat Family Members – Company. Participants hold a valid driving licence for all activities on public roads.

Our offer

Coaching relating to traffic, highway code and infrastructure. Training of 1/2 day in the Dutch, French or English language. Interactive theory in which the participant has a large share in the subject matter. Up to 3 participants per practice session on the road, with their own car. It is possible to involve the family members of company employees. Special attention to manoeuvres with left hand driven vehicles (LHD).

Feel free to contact us for details and prices.